PRICE: $799

1 Day Course

1 Live Model Needed

Lash Kit Included

Certificate upon Completion



Class Module:

Module 1: Lash terminology

Module 2: The Lash Cycle

Module 3: The Eye Condition

Module 4: Allergic Reaction vs. Irritation

Module 5: Tools and Supplies

Module 6: Tweezers

Module 7: Under Eye Pads and Taping

Module 8: Glue

Module 9: Assessing the Natural Lashes

Module 10: Consultation

Module 11: Eye Shape and Lash Styling

Module 12: Lash Maps

Module 13: Lash weight, curls and length

Module 14: Lash Hygiene

Module 15: Application

Module 16: Isolation

Module 17: Retention

Module 18: Lash Refill/Lash Removal

Module 19: Checking your work

Module 20: After Care

Module 21: Sanitation and Disinfectant




CLASS DATES Available:

MAY 2ND, 2021

Location: Philadelphia /eyelash extension salon

Classic Lash Training: About this course

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